Activities: Design research: research development, interview and respondent sampling design; organizational strategy, learning prodcut design

Project Team: Marielle Velander, Panthea Lee

Local Researchers: Yunie Nurhayati, Paulus Dhanarto, Roby Purnawan, Iracema Marques, Daniela Félix Martins, and Adriana Alverez.

Partners: The Wikimedia Foundation

Project content and design
owned by the Wikimedia Foundation and Reboot.

How can the sum of the world’s knowledge be more relevant to and useful for people’s lives?

With the world’s internet population growing quickly, the Wikimedia Foundation is eager to engage the “next billion” readers and editors of Wikipedia. But with an existing user base heavily concentrated in Global North countries, Wikimedia needed new strategies to move beyond the Wikipedia product and looked to Reboot to help the organization move towards an open information movement. And the Foundation knew it couldn’t develop this vision without a better understanding of how people around the world seek information and use the internet.

Believing that user-centered design was critical to do this well, Wikimedia partnered with Reboot, and together we researched the information and internet needs, habits, and constraints of users in priority countries. Side-by-side, Reboot and Wikimedia staff conducted in-depth design research with over 100 diverse users in Indonesia and Brazil. Based on the findings, the team identified opportunities for Wikipedia to grow its reach and impact, including through new features, strategies, and partnerships—and through harnessing the passion and energy of its global community

Design Research: We conducted design research using methods including ethnographic interviews, user observation, and technology demos. The research findings provided a nuanced understanding of how users seek and learn information, use the internet, and perceive of and use Wikipedia.

User Personas: Based on the research, we developed user personas to help Wikimedia better understand different user’s information needs, internet habits, and technology.ecosystems.

Learning Products: Building on the research findings, Reboot helped design and facilitate internal discussions at the Foundation to explore opportunity areas for growing its global readership. Results included product, distribution, partnership, and communications strategies to better engage new readers in target markets, as well as ideas for better leveraging Wikimedia’s passionate global community in doing so.