Process Over Product: How User-Centered Design Can Create Impact in Government
As a service designer with a practice grounded in user-centered design (UCD), I am glad UCD continues to pervade the development sector. But, more often than not what I see is development sector’s over-reliance on the products used to operationalize UCD and an underappreciation for the process.

Understanding Who Makes Democracy Work: A Call for Ethnography of Our Poll Workers
In the April primary, it took me four long hours, three ill-informed election workers, two crowded subway rides, and one Board of Elections judge to vote.

Graphic Facilitation for Co-Creation: How Doodling Can Connect Conversations
As a multidisciplinary team, Reboot often uses unconventional tools to help our clients talk through complex problems and create shared understandings.

A Beginner's Guide to More Meaningful Infographics
I love infographics. They are valuable tools in both the public and private sector. But often, through my internet wanderings, I come across an infographic that seems a little off.

More Than “Make it Pretty”: Graphic Designers for Better Development
Can a communications designer really help solve complex social problems and advance the work of projects in international development?


Paula Rhodes Memorial Award
SVA; Individual; 2016

Service Design Professional Winner
Core 77; Reboot Project Team,
Communications designer; 2015