Activities: design research, training, workshop design, facilitation, capabilities mapping, systems design, prototyping

Team: Panthea Lee, Matthew McNaughton

Partners: Open Government Partnership; County Government of Elgeyo Marakwet, Kenya

Project content and design
owned by Reboot.

How can the design process be embedded into governments to encourage iterative service delivery?

Following Elgeyo Marakwet County's acceptance as one of fifteen pioneers to the Open Government Partnership Sub-National pilot program, Reboot had the opportunity to support the county as it developed a set of year-long commitments focused on increasing transparency, accountability, and citizen participation through technology and innovation.

As part of our support, Reboot guided the county through a set of issue-identifying and capacity-building activities, including leading a team of government innovators through a three-week Human-Centered Design training. This training taught the design process through an opportunity identified by government officials; the need to institutionalize staff protocols and processes to enhance the county’s ability to collect, filter, and relay the citizen feedback that was currently being informally delivered via WhatsApp to key service departments to improve service delivery.

Through this training, the Communications Department of Elgeyo County conducted design research with citizens, civil society, and their colleagues, synthesized findings, and prototyped solutions that concentrated citizen feedback to alleviate current internal coordination burdens and streamlined the responsiveness of government.

Using this rapid sprint as springboard, the county has committed to refining and piloting these process over the next year, as part of their Open Government Partnership Action Plan.