Activities: art direction, publication design, illustration

Production Team: Emily Herrick, Adam Parker, Kate Petty

Engagement Team: Panthea Lee, Kerry Brennan, Nicole Andad, Jaime Archundia

Partners: The Hewlett Foundation

Project content and design
owned by Reboot.

How can lessons be packaged to speak specifically to the people working at the frontlines of public sector innovation?

In 2014, Reboot had the opportunity to work with Digital Strategy Unit in the Office of the President of Mexico to do a real-time evaluation of one of the Unit’s new open government programs. This evaluation would both inform ongoing implementation of the program, and contribute broader lessons to the field.

Rather than summarizing the research findings of the evaluation into a formal report, Reboot saw the widespread need for resources that provided practical insights to support government actors with ambitions to design and implement innovative open government programs. Thus, the team came together to develop a communications strategy to effectively amplify and disseminate the insights uncovered throughout this evaluation.

The visual identity of the manual was designed to emphasize the utility of the content, while a playful illustration style highlights the manuals informal and approachable writing style. The manual was distributed in two formats; a pocket-sized hand-book—easy for marking-up on the go, and a digital experience for maximum reach, usability, and impact.

We shared these lessons at the 2015 Open Government Partnership Global Summit, and looks forward to continue the conversation with innovators and reformers worldwide.